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Grabbing iTunes artwork

I’m a sucker for iTunes artwork for all of my music and TV shows. But when it comes to those TV shows, I find it really hard to find good quality artwork if I didn’t purchase the show from iTunes. I found this link where all you need to do is paste the iTunes URL [...]

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More in Apple | December 8th, 2008

iTunes gets bargain movies...

Finally! iTunes has added a “bargain movies of the week” section where you can buy movies for $4.99. The movies change weekly, but judging by the current selection this is a feaure that I welcome with open arms. 
The current selection includes Terminator 2, Total Recall, Karate Kid, The Last Action Hero, Red Heat, A Guy [...]

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More in Apple | November 11th, 2008

The tagging never ends

Now I’m in real trouble. For the past couple of years I’ve dedicated a lot of time into doing two things; perfectly organizing my iTunes music library with ratings and genres so that I can make perfect playlists, and tagging my iPhoto library with keywords as well as organizing the photos into events.
I’ve recently become [...]

More in Software | October 23rd, 2008