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My media setup with Boxee and...

I’ve finally constructed the Holy Grail of media setups (almost at least). This is what I currently have:
I’ve got an HDTV in my living room, and the way that it’s set up is I’ve got the small office nook behind the TV. So, I’ve connected my Mac Pro to the HDTV to watch my media. [...]

More in Software | November 1st, 2008

Free CrossOver from...

CodeWeavers is offering CrossOver for the Mac and Linux for free just for today. In case you don’t know what CrossOver is, it allows you to play Windows-based games on your Mac.

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More in Software | October 28th, 2008

The tagging never ends

Now I’m in real trouble. For the past couple of years I’ve dedicated a lot of time into doing two things; perfectly organizing my iTunes music library with ratings and genres so that I can make perfect playlists, and tagging my iPhoto library with keywords as well as organizing the photos into events.
I’ve recently become [...]

More in Software | October 23rd, 2008