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Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

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Is your Carbon Footprint higher or lower than the national average? How about the international average?

More in Opinion | October 25th, 2009

This tool is far from exact, but it gives a good idea as to how much of an impact you have in the world. Nature.org has separated the test into four different categories; Home Energy, Driving & Flying, Food & Diet, and Recycling & Waste. The US national average, per person, is at about 27 tons of CO2 per year. I scored a low 9.6 tons of CO2, which is really low, but scored much higher than the international average of 5.5 tons of CO2. Here’s my chart:

CO2 Footprint

What’s your footprint like? The test takes about 3 minutes. Let me know in the comments how you score.

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