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Best Adobe Air Applications

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I’m fairly new to Adobe Air but the range of applications that it offers is superb. Here’s a list of some of the best ones out there.

More in Software | August 12th, 2009

If you don’t know what Adobe Air is it’s basically a way for being able to run applications across multiple platforms. So for example if a developer wants to make an application but is dreading making it for Mac, Windows, and Linux, he could simply make it to run on Adobe Air and it will run on all platforms.

The first thing you’ll need to do is install Adobe Air. After that you’re ready for the fun part. Here’s a list of applications I’ve been using.

Adobe Kuler1. Kuler Desktop
This is pretty much a must for all web developers and designers, as well as all color aficionados. This application will let you see any color and its relating colors, complementary colors, and so much more. It’s basically color theory all in one place. Not only that, the application has an accompanying website that is out of this world.

2. TweeDeck
If you’re an avid Twitter user, TweetDeck is for you. It allows you to group the people you follow in specific groups so that your updates aren’t all bunched up together. Even better, they have an iPhone app that syncs directly with the desktop AIR application, so that all your groups stay up to date. Pretty sweet.
This one is also geared a bit towards web developers. It connects to your Google Analytics and gives you all of your stats. It’s pretty handy and the interface is solid.

3. DestroyFlickr
This is an amazing way to view your flickr photos. It’s got a fluid UI that allows you to see photos with dark backgrounds. It also let’s you see your contacts’ photos all in one place. Check this one out.

4. Live Quotes
Keep track of stocks, compare companies, see highs and lows, open and close values, and more. Not bad at all.

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