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Clear Your iPhone’s Memory, Improve Performance


Everyone knows that iPhones are more like computers rather than phones, and just like computers they have lots of processes running in the background that slow it down. Many of these processes you only need while actually using a certain app, but once you’re done it continues to run and slow it down.

More in iPhone Apps | July 11th, 2009

Enter MemoryInfo. There’s several apps in the App Store that will allow you to monitor your iPhone’s memory usage as well as clear any undesired processes. I tried out MemoryInfo and found it to be alright. It does its job, allowing you to clear your iPhone’s memory with one tap, however there are other apps out there that are much more feature rich (stay tuned for reviews).

I was quite surprised to see the improvement I did on my 3G S. When I first launched the app I had just under 20 mb of memory free, but after running MemoryInfo I shot up to over 54 mb. It might have been just me, but I felt that my apps were launching faster and the phone was just more responsive in general.

The app costs $.99 which is just about how much it costs for all the other stat apps. I would say give iStat a try which allows you to not only monitor your phone, you can also monitor your Mac at home by downloading some free software from their website. Kind of neat.

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  1. Just got it. Thanks Freddie